Rent a Car at Queen’s Medical Center

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Location Description

Photo of the Hui Station at Queen's Medical Center

The car rental station is located in the Queens Medical Center Lauhala Building parking lot. The station is located on Lauhala Street in between South Beretania Street and Lusitana Street and at the top of the parking lot ramp on Level 2. The station is across the street from the Hawaii Board of Water Supply, 650 meters north-east from the Iolani Palace, and 700 meters north-east from the King Kamehameha Statue in Honolulu, Hawaii.


1295 Lauhala St.
Honolulu, Hawaii, US, 96813

Phone number


Hours of operation

Open 24/7

About Hui Car Share

Hui is a car rental service that allows you to instantly access cars around Oahu. Use your phone as the key to your car so you do not have to wait in rental car counters. Rent a car for an hour or for a day. With Hui, parking and gas is free. We don’t charge any recurring fees so accessing a car is as easy as downloading our app and signing up.

We offer many different cars ranging from Toyota Camry to Lexus RX.

We are proud to be a locally owned and operated business with bang-up customer support. We think you’ll love us for your next go around the island or errand run. If you need help or want to say hi, give us a call!