Rent a Car in Hawaii Under Age 25: What You Should Know (With 9 Examples)

(Updated April 26, 2024)

Renting a car as a young driver in Hawaii is a complex process. Car renters who are under the age of 25 often must pay high underage surcharges, are restricted from certain vehicle types, and need to dig to find the age-specific policy for each car rental company. The cost of renting a car runs higher when you consider that taxes are charged on top of underage driver fees. We did the research to reveal exactly how much each company charges underage drivers.

Here is a list of under 25 car rental fees in Hawaii:

CompanyUnderage RangeDaily FeeVehicle Restrictions
Hui Car Share*NoneNoneNo
Alamo21 to 24$25Yes
Enterprise21 to 24$25Yes
Avis21 to 24$27Yes
Budget21 to 24$27Yes
Hertz20 to 24$19Yes
Thrifty20 to 24$29Yes
Dollar20 to 24$29Yes
Turo18 to 24$30+ to $50+Yes

*18 year olds must have a valid college ID to qualify.

With most car rental companies, younger drivers are not just charged more, but they are restricted to certain classes of vehicles.

Here’s a list of under 25 vehicle rental restrictions:

CompanyRestricted Vehicles
Hui Car ShareNo Restrictions
AlamoPremium Cars/SUVs/Crossovers
Luxury Cars/SUVs
Full-Size SUVs
EnterpriseSporty Cars
Elite Cars
Full-Size SUVs
Premium Cars/SUVs
Luxury Cars/SUVs
AvisFull-Size SUVs
Premium SUVs
Luxury Cars
Select Series
BudgetLuxury Cars
Premium SUVs
Full-Size SUVs
Specialty Vehicle
HertzDream Cars
Prestige Collection
Adrenaline Collection
Specialty Vehicles
ThriftySpecialty Vehicles
DollarSpecialty Vehicles
TuroDeluxe and Super Deluxe Vehicles
Specialty Vehicles
Cars worth more than $20k

How do I rent a car under 21?

If you are under 21, renting a car is nearly impossible. Most of the national chains will deny you service. Your two options in Honolulu are Hui Car Share and Turo. With Turo, you will be charged a $50 per day Young Driver Fee and you will not be allowed to drive a car worth more than $20k. With Hui, you will not be charged any fees or be restricted from any vehicles. Learn more about the differences between Turo vs. Hui in our blog.

Hui Car Share is the cheapest car rental for under 25

Hui Car Share is the best and cheapest way for drivers from ages 18 to 24 to rent a vehicle. With Hui, young drivers have unrestricted access to the fleet for the same simple price as all drivers. Prices start at $12.60/hour (or $131.78/day). Underage drivers also have the same benefits as all other Hui members, including gas, insurance*, in-station parking, and 24/7 customer support. Hui is the best way for students and travelers alike to save money.

*See our Member Agreement for details.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum age to rent a car in Hawaii?

In Hawaii, you can be as young as 18 years old to rent a car from major companies, but you’ll have to pay a young driver surcharge as high as $45. Hui does not charge a fee.

Can I rent a car under 25?

Yes. Download the Hui Car Share App and make an account, which is totally free. In the app, you will be asked for your driver’s license information and to verify your identity. Once you do that, you’ll be able to rent over 175 vehicles in the app. Tap on a station to make your reservation. Your final price will have no underage fees 🚀.

Can you rent a car at 18 in Hawaii?

Yes. Renting a car at 18 years old is as easy as renting a car as any other adult – all you need is a Hui account. There is just one more step in the process: you’ll be prompted to verify your college enrollment. Once you do that, you’ll be quickly verified and be entitled to the same privileges as all other drivers!

Do you accept debit cards?

Yes, we accept both credit and debit cards. We do not accept prepaid cards.

Do you offer student discounts for college students?

Hui Car Share is located conveniently near the University of Hawaii Campus, Hawaii Pacific University Campus, Chaminade University Campus, Tokai University Campus, and student housing at the Hale Mahana Apartment and Waikiki Vista Apartment. College students pay the same rate as adult drivers.

Can military members rent cars under 25?

Yes. Military members under 25 can rent a car from Hui without paying any underage driver fees regardless of whether they are on or off duty.

I have more questions, can I talk to someone?

Sure. Give us a call at +1 (808) 207-9449 and our awesome customer support team would love to help answer any of your questions.

What is Hui Car Share?

Hui Car Share is a car rental service that allows you to instantly access cars around Waikiki, Honolulu, and Oahu using a smartphone app. Use your phone as the key to your car so you do not have to wait in rental car counters. Rent a car for an hour or for a day. With Hui, parking and gas are free. We don’t charge any recurring fees so accessing a car is as easy as downloading our app and signing up.

Interested in renting a car? Download the Hui app now, we think you’re going to love it.

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Disclaimer: Our goal is to help you make the most informed decision and bring you the most accurate information as of April 26, 2024. While we thoroughly researched the topic, Hui Car Share cannot guarantee the terms we’ve researched. Terms and conditions can frequently change and may vary by location. Please confirm all information with the individual car rental company.