Now, with a Hui, you can get a free, all-day adventure with with Shaka GuideEnjoy turn-by-turn directions, information on what to look for and where to explore. Plus all the interesting stories and legends of Hawaii that brings the beautiful sceneries to life.

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Hanauma Bay
East Honolulu
Chinaman's Hat
Waimea Bay
North Shore
Sunset Beach
North Shore
North Shore

Traditional tours consist of a bus, a tour guide, and a lot of other people. With Shaka Guide, you can pick your spots and tour Oahu at your own pace.

Shaka Guide gives drivers turn-by-turn directions to must-see spots on the island alongside and tells fun stories along the way!

Download your tour to use offline so you can hear its stories even in areas of no data connectivity.

Shaka Guide will take you to the must-see spots

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Hui is fundamentally about providing freedom to its drivers. Our team is driven by the vision of expanding a lifestyle free from ownership, insurance, bills, and parking. We are committed to expanding our reach and offering to expand the possibilities for users. To date, we have struck up over 40 private station partnerships to expand our offering to more drivers. 

We've partnered with Shaka Guide to give Hui drivers free Oahu tours. Shaka Guide provides interactive, GPS-based tours of Hawaii, all through your smartphone. Shaka Guide tours are a fun, engaging, and culturally rich way to explore Oahu. Hui drivers will get a free circle island tour (usually $9.99), when driving a Hui to get there. 

A match made in Hawaii.

Tour Oahu with Hui and Shakaguide.

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