Pricing may vary on the location and vehicle type of your rental. Current prices for all vehicles are shown in the Hui Car Share app when you select a station on the map. Refer to the tables below for pricing details.

Hui Car Rental Rates:

Rate* Price
1 Minute $0.16
30 Minutes $4.98
1 Hour $9.95
2 Hours $19.90
1 Day (8–24 hours) $79.60

*Starting rate for a Toyota Prius rented in Oahu

Additional Car Rental Costs:

Gas Free
Parking* Free
Insurance Free
Additional Mileage Fees None
Sign-Up Fee None
Membership Fee None

*You are not charged for parking at your Hui pickup station.


How are you cheaper than a rental car?

I want to reserve a car for 1 day and 1 hour. How much will that cost?

The rate counter resets after 24 hours, which means that you can rent a car for 1 day and 1 hour at the cost of the daily rate ($79.60) plus the cost of 1 hour ($9.95) for a total rental price of $89.55.

What if I rented a car for 1 hour but need more time?

You can extend your reservation in the application. You will be charged the pro-rata hourly rate for any additional time that you use the car.

What I rented a car for 6 hours but want to keep it for the day?

Extend your reservation in the app. If you extend your reservation to 24 hours, the price of your reservation will be capped at the daily rate.

I need a car for a week or longer. Do you have any discounts for longer-term reservations?

Please call us at +1(808)400–4068 to inquire about extended rentals.