How to Kill Time Before Hotel Check-In on Oahu

How to Kill Time Before Hotel Check-In on Oahu You’ve just landed on Oahu and are ready for your Hawaiian

How to Kill Time Before Hotel Check-In on Oahu

You’ve just landed on Oahu and are ready for your Hawaiian getaway. The sun is shining brightly, and the island’s beauty beckons, but there’s a minor inconvenience – your hotel check-in isn’t until the late afternoon. In this post, we share how to kill time before hotel check-in on Oahu. Spoiler: Hui Car Share has you covered to enjoy a great day, even before you’re settled into your room.

Traveler enjoying a scenic view next to a Hui Car Share vehicle at Sandy Beach on Oahu

What time is check-in at hotels in Hawaii?

Most hotels on Oahu offer check-in starting from 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon. Don’t worry, though, even if you’ve arrived early at Daniel K. Inouye International Airport, there are an array of options to enjoy a full, yet not-too-strenuous arrival day.

Arrive early in the morning at HNL

Upon arrival, skip the rental car lines and catch an Uber, Lyft or shuttle into Waikiki. It’s a short ride from the airport to Waikiki, but enjoy taking in the sights and grab some travel recommendations from your driver. Drop off your luggage at the front desk of your hotel and get ready to start your day!

Relax with beachfront dining in Waikiki

Make your first stop a leisurely breakfast in world-famous Waikiki. Head to a beachfront cafe like Duke’s Waikiki to enjoy a delicious breakfast buffet with a lovely view of the water. We also like the Royal Hawaiian Surf Lanai, where you can indulge in pink pancakes that match the hotel’s iconic exterior, along with a gorgeous view.

Wander around art and culture in Kakaako

When you’re ready to venture out of Waikiki, pick up a Hui vehicle from a nearby hotel. There are 16 Hui stations available to choose from in Waikiki, with 75+ total on the island. Simply download the app for iOS or Android and get 24/7 access to cars, trucks and SUVs using your smartphone. Booking is flexible, with rates available by the hour or day.

Reserve a Hui for a couple hours and drive to the vibrant neighborhood of Kakaako. Take a selfie in front of a colorful street mural or check out the restaurants and retail shops at SALT at Our Kakaako.

Explore charming Kaimuki

Another option for casual exploration is Kaimuki, a charming neighborhood just a short drive from Waikiki. Kaimuki is a hidden gem filled with local shops, eateries, and a relaxed atmosphere. Stroll along the main strip of Waialae Avenue, where you’ll discover unique boutiques, vintage stores, and a variety of dining options. Check out Keep It Kaimuki for an easy-to-use map and listing of local shops in the neighborhood.

Return to your hotel refreshed

As your check-in time approaches, drive back to Waikiki and return your Hui to the station from which you picked it up.

After check-in, settle in to your room and enjoy a nap or a swim at the hotel pool. After you’ve settled in, head out on the town for dinner at any of Oahu’s fabulous dining options (you can pick up a Hui again to venture out of Waikiki), and you’ll be ready to start a full day on Oahu the next day. 

Arriving on Oahu in the morning is an opportunity to make the most of your precious vacation time. With the flexibility and convenience of Hui Car Share, you can seamlessly explore incredible neighborhoods at your own pace. Simply download the Hui app, register, and reserve a car for the hours you need. It’s a hassle-free way to make the most of your Oahu stay.