10 Great Reasons to Use Hui

Why use Hui? We call it our “round-trip car share program” but for you, we like to think it’s so

Why use Hui? We call it our “round-trip car share program” but for you, we like to think it’s so much more. Hui’s convenient features make life easier — and even more fun! Here are 10 reasons why Hui will be a great choice for you, your ‘ohana and our island once it becomes available later this year.

Hui can be your road to…

  1. Saving Money on Gas

Your Hui reservation already includes a prepaid gas card – that means no more paying for the ever-changing price of gas.

  1. Worrying Less

Owning a vehicle has many attached responsibilities and costs. You’re on the hook for monthly payments, gas, oil changes, maintenance, parking and, of course, insurance. Hui means no longer having to worry about these responsibilities because you’re part of our Hui.

  1. Saving Time

Unlike traditional car rental services, you can reserve and access your Hui car directly via your smartphone. Through our app, you can reserve a vehicle, let yourself in and drive away without having to wait in line or speaking to a staff member.

  1. No Longer Worrying About Parking

Finding parking in Honolulu can be a headache, especially when you face the high parking rates in places like Waikiki and Downtown. With our Hui car share stations, you’ll always have a parking spot where you booked your vehicle.

  1. Going Green

Ever wanted to try a hybrid? Our eco-friendly Toyota Prius can take you on long drives around the island or short trips to the market. Fewer carbon emissions means you’re doing your part to ensure a healthier future for our planet.

  1. Driving Less

In other car share-friendly cities, one vehicle has been proven to take about 20 cars off the road, reducing congestion on our streets. In fact, folks who use a care share program tend to eventually sell their own cars and start using alternate modes of transportation, like biking and walking. Less-congested streets may mean more bike lanes, fewer parking lots and more parks.

  1. Enjoying Versatility and Comfort

We love cars, so we’ve made sure to offer great versatility in vehicle choice. We have the environmentally friendly Prius, sporty Camrys and luxury RXs. The best part? We want to spoil you so our vehicles include the bells and whistles you expect from higher-trim Toyota and Lexus vehicles. Whether you need to go on short errands or hit the road for a day trip, we’ve got options for you.

  1. Catching Waves on Your Schedule

“Have board, will travel” is more than a mantra with us – every Hui Prius has surf racks installed on them so when those swells hit, you just need to (1) access your car with our app, (2) load your board and (3) drive to where the water calls you.

  1. Making It Special

Make your next anniversary, birthday party or date night memorable by taking your significant other out in a special car. Show you really care — pick them up in a Lexus RX for dinner, or go star-gazing along the Kaiwi Coastline through our Camry’s panoramic moonroof!

  1. Becoming Healthier

According to a report by researchers at the University College London, making “rational, economic decisions about the most appropriate mode of travel for each individual journey (on foot, by car, bicycle, bus, train etc.)” is a key factor in improving your health. By being conscious about how you get around, you might reduce your own driving, which means more walking. Even if you walk to get to one of Hui’s nearby stations, you’re on the move, which is great for your body. YES to health benefits!

Hui is coming soon to urban Honolulu – follow @DriveHui on social for all the latest updates.