A new way to rent a car, finally

Keyless, Trustworthy

Skip the line. Download the app, verify online, scan the map, and drive within minutes.

You don't need keys, cards, or to meet a host to access our cars.

Stations near you

Hui has over 100 cars across 55 stations and counting.

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Hui Car Share is a new way to rent a car in Hawaii with no keys and no monthly fees. 

Skip the rental counter lines, sign up today and start driving in minutes. Use code MYFIRSTDRIVE to get $10 off your first drive.

Reserve for now or for in the future

Reserve a car on the spot. If you need it some other time, book it ahead of time.

Flexible Reservations

If you need more time, you can extend your reservation in app.


We have local (awesome) customer support. 
Don't believe us? Here's our line:

+1 (808) 400-4068
(We enjoy answering questions, seriously.)





Starting at

for prius

Prices are all-inclusive (free gas!)
Call for weekly rates